#FideLeon Lune De Miel // Part 01 - London

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Wheeee this is part one of #FideLeonLuneDeMiel! :)

Lune De Miel is honeymoon in french, everything sounds more romantic in french isn't it? That's what i thought before I actually got to Paris, but sadly to say, I kind of hated Paris! haha more about it when i actually get to the Paris blog post, so here goes!

We left for our honeymoon the day after our wedding day on the red eye flight, seriously shagged after the whole day of wedding celebration we were up till about 4am counting ang pows (haha not that i'd complain about that, thank you all my friends for your blessings!) woke up bright and early in the morning to pack our bloody messy suite and get ready to check out, paid the bills for our wedding and head to the bank to deposit some cash then chiong home to do some last minute packing and then to leon's for his last minute packing and dinner with Leon's family at Crab Party then off we went to the airport!

Non stop action, no kidding - really shagged. =.=

Haha, and there was that thing that they weren't able to find seats that were side by side for the both of us but in the end the hamsum french steward on Airfrance managed to help us switch seats with some kind dude so the lovebirds us can be seated together! Haha i cannot imagine having to sit with anyone other than my new hubbay on the way to our honeymoon destination for 11 hours!

 ★ VLOG Day 01 - Perfect first meal at Village East + Winter Wonderland!

So we rarely use our gopro except for when we're travelling, so we're not so great at vlogging and it's also my first attempt to edit any video so I think i've done quite an OK job! haha

I really loved the Christmas markets at Winter Wonderland! It's a huge event happening at Hyde park only around christmas time, i think it starts in end november or something till January every year, so if you're planning to be in London during that period of time do check it out and soak up the christmas-y cheer!

Other than the christmas markets there are also fun games / roller coasters / interesting carousel bar to grab some hot mulled wine or beer, spirits whatever, circus acts and all that! Really enjoyed myself except the fact that we were so jet lagged, if i knock down a beer i would be KO-ed for the night, in fact I dozed off so many times during the circus show even thou it was quite exciting! haha 8pm in london was like 4am? On top of the exhausting 2 days I had (the wedding and the day after plus the flight time) confirm KO!

So we had to stopover at Paris to take the connecting flight to London and our first buys of our trips were some lauderee macarons. Seriously I get why it's so popular now, it's so different with the ones we have in singapore! 

In singapore our macarons are crazily overly sweeten and just so-so, but the shells of the macaron in paris is so crisp and light and so so good! I guess it has to do with singapore's humidity that makes the difference? IDK la but this is so good i finished one box in 15 minutes.

Finally arrived after many many many hours of fidgeting and being too cold/too hot and the discomfort of flying. See our shag balls face! Eyebags like these =.=

Seriously, get the simcard at the vending machine at the airport!!!

We got the simcard from the telcom THREE and it cost 20pounds, which I initially felt (SGD40) is a tad expensive since we're in london for only 7 days, but we were so glad we did! Somehow I got great 3G coverage for the whole duration of the honeymoon where we travelled throught UK - Switzerland - Italy - France?

Freaking awesome!


For our honeymoon, we pretty much airbnb our way thru almost for the entire trip because I wanted to live in beautifully decorated apartments and I wanted the taste of living like a londoner/Swiss people/Paristian even if it's only for a week at each place! hahaha hotels are too boring for me!

Well~ except for the 2 night in the Cotwolds where we stayed at the little adorable countryside inns (i miss the countryside so much!!!) and in venice where we stayed in a hotel because i didn't want to arrive in venice with our luggages and struggling with the luggage just in case we get lost (but with my hubbay's excellent sense of direction, we didn't manage to get lost even once haha that's probably quite unfortunate since most people say they get lost and have the most amazing find and views in Venice right? haha)


For the first leg of our honeymoon in london, we stayed in this lovely townhouse in Bermondsey, this place was built in the 1790s! Seriously 1790s?! Singapore HDB afew years only got cracks on the walls/tiles exploding or whatever shit, really.. things built in the past were built to last man.

PS: This is not an ad or sponsored by any means, it's simply because I enjoyed my stay there extremely so I wanted to share!

It's not in the middle of town or anything but there's a straight bus right smack to the center of the city and the bus stop was also just outside of the house so it was extremely convinient!

Our host, Sarah was so amazing and super helpful and gave us lots of local tips for transportation and food and convinience store whatever, she stays at the apartment on the first floor and is always there to help if we have any questions, so nice!

I want a little nook in my future house next time too so I can sit and enjoy the sun and have breakfast and read a book or whatever on lazy mornings! 

The vintage clawfoot bath, so so pretty and big! It's literally a bathROOM, there's even space for a nice rattan chair to sit down and enjoy a nice foot soak after a long day of exploring the city, awesome!

End of the cozy apartment tour for our stay in London!

 Heading out to explore bermondsey and grab some late lunch!

I made reservations for lunch at Village East, Bermondsey which i read about on WishWishWish's blog, it looks so good I have to give it a try!

Already feeling tired and jet-lagged so we filled ourselves with caffeine even thou I'm rarely a coffee person!

The appetizers - Potted Duck ( £8) + Crab Mayonnaise (£7.50) is to DIE for, seriously i'm drooling just thinking of it, if i go to london again this is the first thing i want to eat when i touch down in London. *DROOLS

And the hollandaise sauce for my fish, is SO tasty, I have never had hollandaise sauce that taste like that in Singapore, NEVER. It's not tasty like eat already will be very gelat or whatever, it's just.. heavenly. I can't explain it. haha, like just go eat it yourself if you're in London. 

We're so greedy, already jet lagged and shagged still ordered a cheese platter but even the cheese platter is so darn good. This place.. What is this sorcery!

 Village East

171-173 Bermondsey St
Reservations: online

We had a couple hours to burn (i planned for kensington palace but there wasn't enough time so we decided to skip it enough thou we're already bought tickets online boo) so we went to Oxford street for some light shopping!

Beautiful tinkling fairy lights all over the city. :)
I freaking love Antropologie, everything is so bloody expensive but I wanted everything!

We bought afew lovely items from there and my hubbay bought me my first honeymoon gift - a duo tone watch from TOKYObay!


I didn't take much photos at Winter Wonderland because Leon was vlogging on his gopro anyway, but Winter Wonderland was AWESOME! It was freeeeezing for me thou, I had these crazy hand that is super warm in Singapore, but super cold in anywhere cold IE even any air-con room. LOL leon is crazy hot FOREVER, he's like my human 暖暖包 haha

Haha in my frozen and jet lag state i decided that a wooden flappy tie is preeeeettay cool so i bought my dad one as a souvenir LOL, now it's not that cool anymore but i hope he likes it 
(LOL too bad dad!)

I wanted a CARAMEL APPLE but what the hell, a CANDIED APPLE will do too! 

Ahh it's so delicious~ They use the sweetest juiciest apples you can imagine. Wonder if it's hard to make? provided i can get apples as sweet as what i had, ahhhh candied apples and delicious food at Village East, i'm so gonna dream of you tonight. :D

Look at my eyebags! I think i have double or triple bags here haha =.= Shagged max.
It was like 4am in singapore already (8pm in London) and we were rushing to go catch our circus show.

The shagged newlyweds while waiting in queue to get into the circus! Muahaha Leon looks like he did some korean gradient lip look right? So cute haha it was actually the candied apple that gave the rosy tint!

Go watch our Day One honeymoon vlog above!! 

It shows so much more of Winter Wonderland, there was also this Magical Ice Kingdom thing which was -2 degrees or something, hahaha and somehow I said Leon looks like a pervert twice consecutively as if i thought he couldn't hear me or something, ahhhh i really love the gopro. I thought it was freaking awesome that i have my blog with my photos as memories but now i have the vlogs too! So funny watching myself saying the shitzxzx i say.

 Winter Wonderland London

*As i mentioned before, they are open from late Nov -  early Jan for the christmas period, 
so if you want to go, do plan your trip during that time!

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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